Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mantra Beads

I am currently making Mantra Beads in a variety of designs and patterns.
My favorite is a mala containing the beads for Chakra aligning.

Email me for details and purchase.

Mantra Beads not only help to keep one’s place in structured sutras, prayers, and/or mantras, they also symbolize one’s commitment to a spiritual life. With their circular form, a string of beads represents the interconnectedness of all who use them. Each bead counted is an individual prayer or mantra, and the rote repetition facilitates a focus on the prayer or mantra itself.

Mala Beads
earliest use of Mala Beads can be traced to Hinduism, where it is called a Japa Mala and has 108 beads. Japa is the repeating of the name of God or a mantra, while Mala itself is a Sanskrit term meaning garland or necklace. The most common materials used for making the beads are Rudr√Ęksha seeds (used by Shaivites) and Tulsi stem (used by Vaishnavites). They are used for repetition of a mantra, other forms of Sadhana (spiritual exercise) and as an aid to meditation. Most Hindus continue to wear the beads both for ornament and for use at prayers. In modern times the materials used to make Mala Beads have changed.

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